Monday, 13 May 2024 10:53

[Free Webinar] Security Strategies for Generative AI with AWS

Generative AI is rapidly transforming business procedures in enterprises worldwide. In IT security, it enhances threat detection, adversarial defense, and network security. However, without robust security guidance, it raises significant concerns such as IP protection, data privacy, model bias, and malicious input. Join our upcoming webinar to explore actionable strategies to secure your generative AI implementations and ensuring a safe and compliant cloud environment.


Key Takeaways:

1.Understand Generative AI in AWS Cloud Security

Gain insights into how Generative AI fits within cloud security frameworks.

2. Secure Your Generative AI Applications with AWS Bedrock

Explore the robust security features of AWS Bedrock to secure your generative AI applications.

3. Defend Against Generative AI Threats in AWS Cloud

Learn effective strategies to protect your cloud infrastructure from potential generative AI threats.

4. Explore Generative AI Use Cases for Security Teams

Discover practical applications of Generative AI that empower security teams to enhance your strategies.

5. Enhance Generative AI and Security Skills with AWS Skill Builder

Leverage how AWS Skill Builder can enhance your expertise in Generative AI and security, fostering continuous improvement.


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