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How Having Advanced Excel Skills Can Help Your Career/Business

How having advanced Excel skills can help your career/business

Excel is so much more than just its spreadsheet features. It has various tips and tricks to not just help store and organize data, but also to track and study these data sets. In business this is extremely crucial. Having mastered these skills can really help a business to reduce time and costing.


Here are some of the benefits to consider:

  1. Better Employability

Employers and HR alike like to look at the skills of their interviewee. In an era where most of the job seekers are university graduates, these little skills could be what makes you stand out. You are more likely to get hired the more skilled you are in Excel. After all, most companies utilize Excel and other Office 365 programs for almost everything; from documentation to project management to performance tracking.


  1. Versatile

Gone were the times where Excel is only used for data entry. It is an extremely versatile program that gives you the ability to visualize, manipulate, clean up, and analyze data. From there, you can easily use it to balance accounts, solve business problems with advanced data application or even apply a tracking system that can be used across departments and operations.


  1. Value-Added Employee

While you are more likely to be hired, you are also more likely to be kept by your employers. People with advanced Excel skills are few, despite the prevalence of this program. Not only can you help your company save time and ease workload, but you may also get more opportunities explore outside of your job scope. For example, you could jump departments or even be assigned to teach basics Excel skills to other colleagues or sister companies.


  1. Work is More Enjoyable

It is no secret that those more skilled at their job tends to enjoy it more. There is an undeniable sense of accomplishment when you can zoom through your work or report with little effort by utilizing the various functions in Excel. Not only does it make your job more enjoyable, but you are also likely to be more productive by getting more work done in lesser time.


  1. Worldwide use

Given the usefulness of Excel tools in various job scopes, it should come as no surprise that Excel has a worldwide presence be it in major corporates to small businesses. Not only does mastering Excel makes it easier to jump across departments, but you can also easily jump across countries with this popular skill.



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