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What is Agile Service Management



What is Agile Service Management by Suresh GP (Global Ambassador of DevOps Institute)


Hello everyone. My name is Suresh GP. I'm the managing director of Taub Solutions. We have three companies here in India, in Singapore, and in the U.S. I'm very happy to be a DevOps Institute Ambassador. Today I'm going to talk about agile service management. Now many of you would have heard this, but few people would have said, "What is this agile service management?" Because agile has been a term always coming from the software development world. So what do I mean by agile service management? We all know for service management we talk about ITIL as a best practice framework. We have ITIL 4 coming as a release. We have a lot of clients who are already following processes. Like considering problem change. But they do not know about the advent of Lean, DevOps. How is this service management going to change? So we do a lot of consulting with our clients on service management. So when we had one of the client as us, "How are we going to change our existing service management processes, to where it's a new way of working?" And they're also asking, "We are having this Cloud coming in the picture. We are having this DevOps." So there is every moment coming in. Is service management still relevant? And that is where we came and said that service management is going to be the backbone. But they will have to evolve themselves and refine themselves in the form of how it needs to make an impact. So just for an example and you would have this time and again told that, change management is one of the most bureaucratic process every time you have it. So the cab meets once in a week, once in two weeks, but the release and deployment team says that we need to do daily deployments. How is it going to happen? Because you have two different frequencies. So we help organizations to move from an asset state process to a new way of working. That means we probably need to look at a process backlog, instead of product backlog. We need to look at Kanban boards where we're able to manage your incidents effectively. We are able to have visibility and collaboration at cross-functional teams. We are able to do at lease something every two to four weeks. So the whole notion of agile infrastructure operation is something people are closing doors. So we are saying that it is important to open our eyes widely and see how we can do that. So what we have seen is ability to make your processes streamline, effective. But also make sure that are we doing the things which is really required? So the process guide used to be about 30 page document to 100 pages. Does it actually go through a revision? I've seen only it going through a revision during audits because you need to have version date and update. But I'll be making some quick feedbacks loops. I'll be able to make process easy to use. And I'll be preventing people, you know, from going bypassing the process. So the whole process of agile service management focus on making your processes lean, focus on value, ensure that it is able to be compatible with rest of the other bodies, frameworks, and standards, and ensure that business value's realized. So agile service management is taking on a leap ahead now and we are so happy that with agile service management, thanks to DevOps Institute because they were the first to bring in the agile service management as a concept. And we've been doing it from last 2015 itself. And it's not just about the training, but we are now using this as a part of consulting. So going forwards, whether you are a service management practitioner or a professional, agile service management is going to help you address areas to become more responsive to business change demands, making sure that we are able to deliver value, but also making sure that we are part of the entire value chain. So in ITIL 4 we are going to talk about value chains, but this is already additional part of the agile service management. I'm really excited about it and I hope that you will take advantatage to explore this agile service management. Thank you. 


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