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Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Fast-Cache Application Development Exam

RM2,000.00(+RM120.00 Tax)
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In preparation

Study points for the exam

To help you prepare, the exam objectives highlight the task areas you can expect to see covered in the exam. Red Hat reserves the right to add, modify, and remove exam objectives. Such changes will be made public in advance.

Using Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.4 and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio, you should be able to accomplish the tasks below without assistance. The tasks have been grouped into categories to assist your preparation.

  • Programmatic cache configuration
    • Use the ConfigurationBuilder to create caches programmatically.
    • Programmatically create a CacheManager and replicated cache.
      • Create a customized cache using the default named cache.
      • Create a customized cache using a non-default named cache.
    • Understand runtime configuration files.
  • Cache API
    • Use the JBoss Data Grid APIs to interact with the cache.
    • Understand the per-invocation flag.
    • Understand the AdvancedCache interface.
  • Mapping domain objects to the index structure
    • Define basic mapping.
    • Map embedded and associated objects.
    • Understand boosting.
    • Understand and set up analyzers.
    • Understand bridges.
  • Query with Lucene
    • Build queries.
      • Build a Lucene query.
      • Build a query with Infinispan Query.
    • Retrieve query results.
      • Understand performance considerations.
    • Define and implement a filter.
    • Write fuzzy and wildcards queries.
  • Perform remote queries via the Hot Rod client APIs
    • Understand protobuf encoding.
    • Store protobuf-encoded entities.
    • Understand and define protobuf messages.
      • Use protobuf with Hot Rod.
      • Register per entity marshallers.
      • Index protobuf-encoded entities.
      • Index custom fields with protobuf.
    • Create queries with infinispan query DSL.
    • Enable infinispan DSL-based queries.
    • Run infinispan DSL-based queries.
  • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid security
    • Understand permissions.
    • Understand role mapping.
    • Understand and read authentication and role configurations in JBoss EAP login modules.
    • Understand and read JBoss Data Grid for authentication.
    • Configure data security for library mode.
    • Configure client to connect to a remote secured cache.
      • Be able to read and understand security-related configuration in standalone.xml. (Hot Rod Interface Security, Realms, etc.)
      • Understand user authentication over Hot Rod Using SASL.

Audience Profile

This course is designed for Java application developers who use JBoss Data Grid.


Candidates for this exam should:

  • Be familiar with using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux® environment
  • Have taken the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Development (JB453) course or have strong project experience using JBoss Data Grid APIs and development-related skills (marshaling, security, query, etc.)
  • Review the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Developing Fast Cache Applications exam objectives.

At Course Completion

Individuals who pass the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Fast-Cache Application Development exam (EX453) have demonstrated the skills and knowledge needed to create, update, and maintain applications using Red Hat® JBoss® Data Grid from a developer perspective. The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Fast-Cache Application Development exam is a performance-based exam.

Course Information
0.5 Days
Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Fast-Cache Application Development

13 Jul 2018

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