What you’ll learn in this course
The Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0 course gives you a broad range of fundamental knowledge for all IT careers. Through a combination of lecture, hands-on labs, and self-study, you will learn how to install, operate, configure, and verify basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The course covers configuring network components such as switches, routers, and wireless LAN controllers; managing network devices; and identifying basic security threats. The course also gives you a foundation in network programmability, automation, and software-defined networking.

This course helps you prepare to take the 200-301 Cisco® Certified Network Associate (CCNA®) exam. By passing this one exam, you earn CCNA certification. The 200-301 CCNA exam goes live on February 24, 2020.


How you’ll benefit
This course will help you:
• Learn the knowledge and skills to install, configure, and operate a small- to medium-sized network
• Gain a foundation in the essentials of networking, security, and automation
• Prepare for the 200-301 CCNA exam, which earns CCNA certification


What to expect in the exam
The 200-301 CCNA exam certifies your knowledge and skills related to network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.
After you pass 200-301 CCNA, you earn CCNA certification.


After taking this course, you should be able to:
• Identify the components of a computer network and describe their basic characteristics
• Understand the model of host-to-host communication
• Describe the features and functions of the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS®) software
• Describe LANs and the role of switches within LANs
• Describe Ethernet as the network access layer of TCP/IP and describe the operation of switches
• Install a switch and perform the initial configuration
• Describe the TCP/IP Internet layer, IPv4, its addressing scheme, and subnetting
• Describe the TCP/IP Transport layer and Application layer
• Explore functions of routing
• Implement basic configuration on a Cisco router
• Explain host-to-host communications across switches and routers
• Identify and resolve common switched network issues and common problems associated with IPv4 addressing
• Describe IPv6 main features and addresses, and configure and verify basic IPv6 connectivity
• Describe the operation, benefits, and limitations of static routing
• Describe, implement, and verify Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) and trunks
• Describe the application and configuration of inter-VLAN routing
• Explain the basics of dynamic routing protocols and describe components and terms of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
• Explain how Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) work
• Configure link aggregation using EtherChannel
• Describe the purpose of Layer 3 redundancy protocols
• Describe basic WAN and VPN concepts
• Describe the operation of Access Control Lists (ACLs) and their applications in the network
• Configure Internet access using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) clients and explain and configure Network Address Translation (NAT) on Cisco routers
• Describe basic Quality of Service (QoS) concepts
• Describe the concepts of wireless networks, which types of wireless networks can be built, and how to use Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs)
• Describe network and device architectures and introduce virtualization

• Introduce the concept of network programmability and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and describe smart network management solutions such as Cisco DNA Center™, Software-Defined Access (SD-Access), and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
• Configure basic IOS system monitoring tools
• Describe the management of Cisco devices
• Describe the current security threat landscape
• Describe threat defense technologies
• Implement a basic security configuration of the device management plane
• Implement basic steps to harden network devices

DATA & AI: Driving The Digital Transformation

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For further information, please contact us at:

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In these Terms and Conditions, “Iverson”, “we”, “our”, and “us” refer to Iverson Associates, and “you”, and “yourself” refers to a campaign participant. By entering the campaign you agree to the bound by these Terms and Conditions.
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Role-based Paths for Training and Certification

AWS Certification validates cloud expertise to help professionals highlight in-demand skills and organizations build effective, innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. Choose from diverse certification exams by role and specialty designed to empower individuals and teams to meet their unique goals. Explore our role-based certifications for those in Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, and Operations roles, as well as our Specialty certifications in specific technical areas.


Build skills to help move your career forward.

Foundational level

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


Associate level

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

AWS Certified Developer - Associate


Professional level

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional



AWS Certified Advanced Networking

AWS Certified Security

AWS Certified Machine Learning

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder

AWS Certified Data Analytics

AWS Certified Database


Still have questions about training?

Contact us for support:

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+603 7726 2678

Additional Info

  • Certification Course & Certificate
  • Exam Price Exclude
  • Principals Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Hiring Incentive Programme, PenjanaKerjaya under the economic recovery plan (PENJANA) implemented by Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resources, PenjanaKerjaya aims at promoting job creation and increasing employment prospects. 

The Application Guidelines as well as Terms and Conditions of PenjanaKerjaya have been issued to employers today and they are available on SOCSO corporate website www.perkeso.gov.my 

As PenjanaKerjaya is expected to create more jobs, SOCSO urges all unemployed individuals including graduates and school leavers to register their profile on SOCSO’s MyFutureJobs (www.myfuturejobs.gov.my) portal. 

Employers requiring assistance on registration of vacancies or recruitment services may also tap on the services of our Employer Coordinators who are specifically in charge to assist employers with their recruitment needs. Employers looking for candidates to fill vacancies in their companies may start registering their profile on 15 June 2020 via penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my. Upon hiring the employees under this programme, employers are required to register these employees with SOCSO for their statutory SOCSO contribution obligations. 


Registration steps for unemployed:

Registration steps for employers:

  1. Please register your company and newly hired employee with ASSIST. If you have not kindly proceed to register here.
  2. Please ensure that your company has registered and posted your vacancy on MYFutureJobs through www.myfuturejobs.gov.my
  3. Training Program Application through https://penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my/ , eg: List of Training Programs search “Technical” > Enter “Tajuk Kursus” or “Kod Kursus” > Click “View” > Send Employee to Join Training Program HIT2423 (Key in employee ID No.) to proceed. 


EIS provides vocational training for eligible applicants. Training expenses of up to RM4,000 will be covered by EIS. Training recipients who attend all their training sessions may also receive a financial incentive.

Training application can be made HERE


For further information or registration, please contact us at:

Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd (303330-M)
Tel: +603 7726 2678
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Place & Train is an initiative to source and provide employment opportunities for Malaysians especially for school leavers, graduates and retrenched workers by participating in Placement Job Training required by the employers of selected industries.

During job placement period, employees will be trained to effectively deliver their job by using the existing workplace tools, machines, documents, equipment and other related skills within the job scope.

It is compulsory for employers to hire the candidates and offer them a minimum of 1 year contract.



  • School leavers aged between 18 to 40 years with or without school / exam certificate

  • Unemployed graduates who have obtained Diploma / Degree

  • Retrenched workers aged between 18 to 55 years who are registered with Employment Insurance System (EIS)



  • Placement Job Training (PJT), also known as On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a hands-on method of imparting/training/teaching of skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to perform a specific job within the workplace. Employees learn in an environment where they will need to practice the knowledge and skills obtained during their training.

  • Having a trained workforce means your workers are learning new skills that can improve productivity, build confidence and create a better working environment.




For further information or registration, please contact us at:

Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd (303330-M)
Tel: +603 7726 2678
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Expand your Citrix networking knowledge and skills by enrolling in this five-day course. It covers Citrix ADC essentials, including secure load balancing, high availability and operations management, and also focuses on Citrix Gateway. You will learn to deliver secure remote access to apps and desktops integrating Citrix Virtual Apps and Citrix Desktops with Citrix Gateway.

Additional Info

  • Certification Course & Certificate
  • Course Code CNS-227
  • Price RM6500
  • Exam Price Include
  • Exam Code 1Y0-230
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Principals Citrix
  • Schedule

    25-29 Nov 2019

    20-24 Jan 2020

    20-24 Apr 2020

    6-10 Jul 2020

    19-23 Oct 2020

  • Audience

    Built for IT Professionals working with Citrix ADC and Gateway, with little or no previous Citrix networking experience. Potential students include administrators, engineers, and architects interested in learning how to deploy or manage Citrix ADC or Citrix Gateway environments.

  • Prerequisities

    This course requires little to no previous experience with Citrix ADC; however, Citrix recommends a basic understanding of of TCP/IP, HTTP, and of the OSI model, network devices, and networking protocols.

  • At Course Completion
    • Identify the functionality and capabilities of Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway
    • Explain basic Citrix ADC and Gateway network architecture
    • Identify the steps and components to secure Citrix ADC
    • Configure Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing
    • Integrate Citrix Gateway with Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Virtual Desktops and other Citrix components
  • Module 1 Title Getting Started
  • Module 1 Content
    • Introduction to Citrix ADC
    • Feature and Platform Overview
    • Deployment Options
    • Architectural Overview
    • Setup and Management
  • Module 2 Title Basic Networking
  • Module 2 Content
    • Networking Topology
    • Citrix ADC Components
    • Routing
    • Access Control Lists
  • Module 3 Title ADC Platforms
  • Module 3 Content
    • Citrix ADC MPX
    • Citrix ADC VPX
    • Citrix ADC CPX
    • Citrix ADC SDX
    • Citrix ADC BLX
  • Module 4 Title High Availability
  • Module 4 Content
    • Citrix ADC High Availability
    • High Availability Configuration
    • Managing High Availability
    • In Service Software Upgrade
    • Troubleshooting High Availability
  • Module 5 Title Load Balancing
  • Module 5 Content
    • Load Balancing Overview
    • Load Balancing Methods and Monitors
    • Load Balancing Traffic Types
    • Load Balancing Protection
    • Priority Load Balancing
    • Load Balancing Troubleshooting
  • Module 6 Title SSL Offloading
  • Module 6 Content
    • SSL Overview
    • SSL Configuration
    • SSL Offload
    • Troubleshooting SSL Offload
    • SSL Vulnerabilities and Protections
  • Module 7 Title Security
  • Module 7 Content
    • Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing
    • Configuring External Authentication
    • Admin Partitions
  • Module 8 Title Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Module 8 Content
    • Citrix ADC Logging
    • Monitoring with SNMP
    • Reporting and Diagnostics
    • AppFlow Functions
    • Citrix Application Delivery Management
    • Troubleshooting
  • Module 9 Title Citrix Gateway
  • Module 9 Content
    • Introduction to Citrix Gateway
    • Advantages and Utilities of Citrix Gateway
    • Citrix Gateway Configuration
    • Common Deployments
  • Module 10 Title AppExpert Expressions
  • Module 10 Content
    • Introduction to AppExpert Policies
    • Default Policies
    • Explore Citrix ADC Gateway Policies
    • Policy Bind Points
    • Using AppExpert with Citrix Gateway
  • Module 11 Title Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Web Gateway
  • Module 11 Content
    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • nFactor Visualizer
    • SAML authentication
  • Module 12 Title Managing Client Connections
  • Module 12 Content
    • Introduction to Client Connections
    • Session Policies and Profiles
    • Pre and Post Authentication Policies
    • Citrix Gateway Deployment Options
    • Managing User Sessions
  • Module 13 Title Integration for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Module 13 Content
    • Virtual Apps and Desktop Integration
    • Citrix Gateway Integration
    • Citrix Gateway WebFront
    • ICA Proxy
    • Clientless Access and Workspace App
    • Access Fallback
    • SmartControl and SmartAccess for ICA
  • Module 14 Title Configuring Citrix Gateway
  • Module 14 Content
    • Working with Apps on Citrix Gateway
    • RDP Proxy
    • Portal Themes and EULA
RM6,500.00(+RM390.00 Tax)

With few exceptions, enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business-critical services - often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that the mission-critical data centre is designed, maintained and operated with high-availability and efficiency in mind. Among all the facilities, network cabling is the foundation for the network and one of the major contributors to the availability of the data center.

CNCDP® is a 2-day course designed to expose participants to in-depth knowledge in designing and installing the data network cabling system which includes key subject matters such as; technical standards, designing of different cabling sub-systems, calculation of material requirements, architecture, installation, testing and acceptance.

Additional Info

  • Certification Course & Certificate
  • Course Code CNCDP
  • Price RM2800
  • Exam Price Include
  • Exam Code CNCDP
  • Duration 2 Days
  • Principals EPI
  • Schedule

    28-29 Oct 2020

    3-4 Dec 2020

  • Audience
    • The primary audience for this course is any IT, facilities or data centre professional, consultant and/or those who work in network cabling system design, implementation and operation.
  • Prerequisities

    There is no specific prerequisite for the CNCDP® course. However, participants who already have at least one or two years’ experience in a IT, data centre or facilities environment may be best suited. Those with no experience just yet are most welcome to participate.

  • At Course Completion

    After completion of the course the participant will be able to:
    • Understand the various standards for network cabling systems, the models and how to apply these to the network design.
    • Design the user cabling and patching system for commercial buildings.
    • Design the network cabling and patching system for data centres.
    • Design the backbones for both indoor and outdoor cabling.
    • Select the proper cabling containment/ pathways for network installations.
    • Apply the correct installation practices and avoid common mistakes.
    • Define the right testing criteria and methods for copper and fiber systems

    Certified Network Cabling Design Professional (CNCDP®)
    The exam is a 60-minute closed book exam, with 40 multiple-choice questions. The candidate requires a minimum of 27 correct answers to pass the exam.

  • Module 1 Title Introduction to Structured Cabling System (SCS)
  • Module 1 Content

    • Brief history of SCS
    • Basic copper and fibre transmission
    • Copper and fibre cabling
    • Single and multimode fibre
    • Step/graded index multimode fibre
    • Difference between Commercial Wiring and data centre cabling
    • Development of standards
    • Role of standards
    • ANSI/TIA 568 standard
    • Common standards
    • The new usage of cabling to support Smart building

  • Module 2 Title Horizontal and Administration - Commercial Building
  • Module 2 Content

    • Standard diagram recap: ANSI/TIA-568
    • Functional elements and example
    • Scenario A: Determine the number of work areas
    • Scenario B: Determine the number of user locations
    • Zone wiring
    • Administration: Interconnect and cross-connect
    • Angled and flat panels
    • Creating a cabling schematic design
    • Convert schematic into physical layout
    • Calculating the material list

  • Module 3 Title Horizontal and Administration - Data Centre
  • Module 3 Content

    • Standard diagram recap: TIA-942
    • Basic/Reduced/Typical data centre setup
    • Traditional 3 layers network design/ Spine and Leaf network design
    • Select termination hardware
    • Administration design
    • ToR/EoR/Spine & Leaf cabling design
    • Network and cabling resiliency
    • Create cabling schematic design for ToR/EoR
    • Convert into patch panel/rack layout
    • Calculate the material list for ToR/EoR

  • Module 4 Title Building Backbone - Commercial Building
  • Module 4 Content

    • Backbone diagram
    • Calculate the copper backbone requirements per Telecom Room (TR)
    • Calculate the fibre backbone requirements per Telecom Room
    • Summarize the building backbone requirements
    • Recognised cables
    • Backbone Patch panels
    • The maximum backbone distances
    • Create cabling schematic design
    • Converting the schematic design into patch panel/ rack layout

  • Module 5 Title Building Backbone - Data Centre
  • Module 5 Content

    • TIA-942 based backbone topology
    • TIA-942 backbone requirements
    • Recognised backbone cable
    • ToR/EoR/Spine and Leaf
    • Backbone distance estimation
    • Resiliency of backbone cable routes
    • Creating cabling schematic design
    • Converting the schematic design into patch panel/ rack layout
    • Field and Fusion Termination for fibre connectors
    • Pre-terminated fibre trunk and copper cables

  • Module 6 Title Architectural Considerations
  • Module 6 Content

    • ANSI/TIA569-D Cable pathway and spaces
    • Common requirements for the rooms
    • Definition of the rooms
    • Entrance Room/Demarcation
    • Ceiling and floor pathways types
    • Cable trays/basket/ladder/conduit
    • Inner duct/sleeve/slot
    • Calculating of pathway size
    • Cable run best practices
    • Cable management/AIM
    • Grounding and bonding
    • Separation distance requirements for copper cabling to power cabling
    • Fire stopping
    • Fire rated barrier
    • Fire rated jacket cable

  • Module 7 Title Campus / Outdoor Backbone
  • Module 7 Content

    • Common campus cable installation and cable types : Aerial cable / Direct-buried / Underground in-conduit
    • Outdoor cable installation planning
    • Lightning / surge protection
    • Approved ground for surge protector
    • Creating a schematic diagram
    • Converting a schematic into a physical layout

  • Module 8 Title Site Inspection and Testing
  • Module 8 Content

    • Visual site inspection notes
    • Installation common issues
    • Copper testing standard
    • Permanent link / Channel / Patch cord / MPTL testing configuration
    • Fibre connectors
    • Fibre testing standard
    • Tier 1 & 2 certification
    • Fibre link definition
    • Fibre testing steps
    • Fibre inspection and cleaning
    • Calibrating the test sets - 3 methods
    • Setting up mandrel for testing
    • Fibre loss budget calculation
    • G.657 Bend insensitive fibre
    • Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

RM2,800.00(+RM168.00 Tax)
* Training Dates:

The ITIL ® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support module is part of the Managing Professional stream for ITIL 4 and participants need to pass the related certification exam for working towards the Managing Professional (MP) designation. The ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support module focuses on the integration of different value streams and activities to create, deliver and support IT-enabled products and services whilst also covering supporting practices, methods, and tools.

The ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support course is a 3-days course based on the ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support exam specification from AXELOS. With the help of ITIL® 4 concepts and terminology, exercises, and examples included in the course, you will acquire relevant knowledge to pass the ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver, and Support certification exam.

Additional Info

  • Certification Course & Certificate
  • Course Code ITIL-CDS
  • Price RM6500
  • Exam Price Include
  • Exam Code CDS
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Principals ITIL
  • Schedule

    21-23 Sep 2020

    23-25 Nov 2020

  • Audience

    The ITIL ® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support course is aimed at ITSM practitioners managing the operation of IT-enabled & digital products and services, and those responsible for the end-to-end delivery.

    Professionals with the following job titles are expected to benefit from this module:

    • IT Operations Manager, Availability Manager, Service Desk, Service Managers, Service Architects, Security Manager, Technology Support teams, UX/UI Designer, Development Managers, Developers, Testers, Infrastructure Operations Engineer, Software Developer
    • Product owners, Project Managers, Business Relationship Manager; Customer Relationship Manager
  • At Course Completion

    The learning objectives of the course are based on the following learning outcomes of the ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support exam specification:
    • Understand how to plan and build a service value stream to create, deliver, and support services
    • Know how relevant ITIL practices contribute to the creation, delivery and support across the SVS and value streams
    • Know how to create, deliver and support services

  • Module 1 Title Organization and Culture
  • Module 1 Content

    • Organizational Structures
    • Team Culture
    • Continuous Improvement Culture
    • Collaborative Culture
    • Customer-Oriented Mindset
    • Positive Communication

  • Module 2 Title Effective Teams
  • Module 2 Content

    • Capabilities, Roles and Competencies
    • Workforce Planning
    • Employee Satisfaction Management
    • Results Based Measuring and Reporting

  • Module 3 Title Information Technology to Create, Deliver and Support Service
  • Module 3 Content

    • Integration and Data Sharing
    • Reporting and Advanced Analytics
    • Collaboration and Workflow
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • CI/CD
    • Information Model

  • Module 4 Title Value Stream
  • Module 4 Content

    • Anatomy of a Value Stream
    • Designing a Value Stream
    • Value Stream Mapping

  • Module 5 Title Value Stream to Create, Deliver and Support Services
  • Module 5 Content
    • Value Stream for Creation of a New Service


  • Module 6 Title Value Stream for User Support
  • Module 6 Content
    • Value Stream Model for Restoration of a Live Service
  • Module 7 Title Prioritize and Manage Work
  • Module 7 Content

    • Managing Queues and Backlogs
    • Prioritizing Work
    • Shift-Left Approach

  • Module 8 Title Commercial and Sourcing Considerations
  • Module 8 Content

    • Build or Buy
    • Sourcing Models
    • Service Integration and Management

RM6,500.00(+RM390.00 Tax)
* Training Dates:

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