Appeals Policy

Appeals Policy

The appeals policy is set in place to ensure that all students have the opportunity to a fair review of the circumstances which may affect their performance before a final decision is made.

All appeals will be handled without bias and in accordance with the regulations set out by the relevant organization, certification body and/or examination institute. 

Iverson will ensure that the students are well informed on the process, and the progress of their appeal.

If a student disagrees with assessment decision or exam results training outcomes, made by Iverson’s accredited trainers or examination body, then they will be able to appeal (in writing) against it to Iverson’s Training Manager, by sending email to [email protected].

When submitting an appeal request, the student must provide their information as below:

1. Name of Training Course or Exam Code:

2. Name:

3. Email address:

4. Phone number:

5. Trainer name:

6. Exam taken date (If exam was taken):

7. Assessment’s submission date (If assessment was taken):

8. Detailed Description of the Appeal :

The student will receive acknowledgement on the receipt of the appeal and review the appeal within five (5) working days from the acknowledgement date.

If the appeal is related to the course assessment, then the Training Manager will coordinate with the relevant trainer for possible reassessment of student’s assignments.

If the appeal is related to the exam results, then the Training Manager will inform the student of the relevant fees involved for the Exam results appeal. Upon payment received, the Training Manager will raise a ticket with concerned exam accreditation body for exam results reassessment.

Iverson has no control on the outcome of exam results reassessment appeal, and the decision of the examination body remains binding and final. The student will be informed of the outcome made by the examination body. 

 In the event the student wishes to appeal directly to the certification/examination body, they may refer to the organization’s appeal policy.


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