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Training is not a commodity – all training centres are not the same. Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd is the most established, the most reputable, and the top professional IT training provider in Malaysia. With a large pool of experienced and certified trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, and well-designed courseware, Iverson offers superior training, a more impactful learning experience and highly effective results.

At Iverson, our focus is on providing high-quality IT training to corporate customers, meeting their learning needs and helping them to achieve their training objectives. Iverson has the flexibility to provide training solutions whether for a single individual or the largest corporation in a well-paced or accelerated training programme.

Our courses continue to evolve along with the fast-changing technological advances. Our instructor-led training services are available on a public and a private (in-company) basis. Some of our courses are also available as online, on demand, and hybrid training.

The ITIL ® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support module is part of the Managing Professional stream for ITIL 4 and participants need to pass the related certification exam for working towards the Managing Professional (MP) designation. The ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support module focuses on the integration of different value streams and activities to create, deliver and support IT-enabled products and services whilst also covering supporting practices, methods, and tools.

The ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support course is a 3-days course based on the ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support exam specification from AXELOS. With the help of ITIL® 4 concepts and terminology, exercises, and examples included in the course, you will acquire relevant knowledge to pass the ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver, and Support certification exam.

Additional Info

  • Certification Course & Certificate
  • Course Code ITIL-CDS
  • Price RM6500
  • Exam Price Include
  • Exam Code CDS
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Principals ITIL
  • Schedule

    21-23 Sep 2020

    23-25 Nov 2020

  • Audience

    The ITIL ® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support course is aimed at ITSM practitioners managing the operation of IT-enabled & digital products and services, and those responsible for the end-to-end delivery.

    Professionals with the following job titles are expected to benefit from this module:

    • IT Operations Manager, Availability Manager, Service Desk, Service Managers, Service Architects, Security Manager, Technology Support teams, UX/UI Designer, Development Managers, Developers, Testers, Infrastructure Operations Engineer, Software Developer
    • Product owners, Project Managers, Business Relationship Manager; Customer Relationship Manager
  • At Course Completion

    The learning objectives of the course are based on the following learning outcomes of the ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support exam specification:
    • Understand how to plan and build a service value stream to create, deliver, and support services
    • Know how relevant ITIL practices contribute to the creation, delivery and support across the SVS and value streams
    • Know how to create, deliver and support services

  • Module 1 Title Organization and Culture
  • Module 1 Content

    • Organizational Structures
    • Team Culture
    • Continuous Improvement Culture
    • Collaborative Culture
    • Customer-Oriented Mindset
    • Positive Communication

  • Module 2 Title Effective Teams
  • Module 2 Content

    • Capabilities, Roles and Competencies
    • Workforce Planning
    • Employee Satisfaction Management
    • Results Based Measuring and Reporting

  • Module 3 Title Information Technology to Create, Deliver and Support Service
  • Module 3 Content

    • Integration and Data Sharing
    • Reporting and Advanced Analytics
    • Collaboration and Workflow
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • CI/CD
    • Information Model

  • Module 4 Title Value Stream
  • Module 4 Content

    • Anatomy of a Value Stream
    • Designing a Value Stream
    • Value Stream Mapping

  • Module 5 Title Value Stream to Create, Deliver and Support Services
  • Module 5 Content
    • Value Stream for Creation of a New Service


  • Module 6 Title Value Stream for User Support
  • Module 6 Content
    • Value Stream Model for Restoration of a Live Service
  • Module 7 Title Prioritize and Manage Work
  • Module 7 Content

    • Managing Queues and Backlogs
    • Prioritizing Work
    • Shift-Left Approach

  • Module 8 Title Commercial and Sourcing Considerations
  • Module 8 Content

    • Build or Buy
    • Sourcing Models
    • Service Integration and Management

RM6,500.00(+RM390.00 Tax)
* Training Dates:

The ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition module is a bridge course that enables the ITIL v3 professionals to easily transition across to ITIL 4 certification scheme. The ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition module is designed to enable ITIL Experts or professionals with 17 credits to gain the designation of ITIL 4 Managing Professional through one course and one exam.

The purpose of the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition module is to provide candidates with an understanding of the:

  • Core concepts and definitions of ITIL 4 Foundation, including the key differences between the previous iteration of ITIL and ITIL 4 and how they can be practically applied.
  • Key elements from each one of the four ITIL Managing Professional (MP) modules: Create, Deliver and Support, Drive Stakeholder Value, High Velocity IT and Direct, Plan and Improve.

Additional Info

  • Certification Course & Certificate
  • Course Code ITILMP
  • Price RM9600
  • Exam Price Include
  • Exam Code ITILMP
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Principals ITIL
  • Schedule

    6-10 Apr 2020

    29 Jun - 3 Jul 2020

    7-11 Sep 2020

    30 Nov – 4 Dec 2020

  • Audience

    The training for ITIL 4 MP Transition module is targeted towards all practitioners with significant experience in IT service management and who wish to develop their knowledge and application skills for ITIL 4.

  • Prerequisities

    For taking the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition exam, a candidate must hold the ITIL Expert certificate or a minimum of 17 credits from the ITIL v3 Foundation and Intermediate/Practitioner modules. ITIL 4 Foundation can be accepted to replace ITIL v3 Foundation, plus 15 credits from ITIL Intermediate/Practitioner modules.

  • At Course Completion

    The learning objectives of the course are based on the following learning outcomes of the Managing Professional Transition exam specification:

    • Understand the key concepts of service management
    • Understand how the ITIL guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management
    • Understand the four dimensions of service management
    • Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system
    • Understand the activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect
    • Understand how to plan and build a service value stream to create, deliver, and support services
    • Know how to use a value stream to design, develop and transition new services
    • Know how to use a value stream to provide user support
    • Know how to coordinate, prioritize and structure work and activities to create deliver and support services, including managing queues and backlogs and prioritizing work
    • Understand how customer journeys are designed
    • Know how to foster stakeholder relationship
    • Know how to shape demand and define service offerings
    • Know how to onboard and offboard customers and users
    • Know how to act together to ensure continual value co-creation (service consumption / provisioning)
    • Know how to realise and validate service value
    • Understand concepts regarding the high-velocity nature of the digital enterprise
    • Understand how high velocity IT relates to:
      • The four dimensions of service management
      • The ITIL service value system
      • The service value chain
      • The digital product lifecycle
    • Understand the following principles, models and concepts and know how to use the following principles, models and concepts:
      • Ethics
      • Safety culture
      • Lean culture
      • Toyota Kata
      • Lean/Agile/Resilient/Continuous
      • Service-dominant logic
      • Design thinking
      • Complexity thinking
    • Identify the scope of control and within this
      • Know how to cascade goals and requirements
      • Know how to define effective policies, controls and guidelines
      • Know how to place decision-making authority at the correct level
    • Understand the role of risk and risk management in DPI
    • Understand how governance impacts DPI
    • Know how to ensure that controls are sufficient, but not excessive
    • Understand the nature, scope and potential benefits of organizational change management
    • Know how to use the key principles and methods of communication & organizational change management
  • Module 1 Title ITIL 4 Foundation
  • Module 1 Content
    • Key Concepts of Service Management
    • The ITIL Guiding Principles
    • The Four Dimensions of Service Management
    • The Service Value System and Service Value Chain
  • Module 2 Title ITIL® 4 Create, Deliver and Support
  • Module 2 Content
    • ITSM Professionalism
    • Resource Planning and Management
    • How to Create, Deliver and Support
    • Prioritize and Manage Work
  • Module 3 Title ITIL® 4 Drive Stakeholder Value
  • Module 3 Content
    • Customer Journey
    • Foster Relationships
    • Shape Demand and Dene Service Offerings
    • Onboard and Offboard Customers and Users
    • Realize and Validate Service Value
    • Key practices
  • Module 4 Title ITIL® 4 High Velocity IT
  • Module 4 Content
    • Introduction
    • Key Concepts of High Velocity IT
    • High Velocity IT Objectives
    • High Velocity ITIL
    • High Velocity IT Culture
  • Module 5 Title ITIL® 4 Direct, Plan and Improve
  • Module 5 Content
    • Introduction
    • Key Concepts of Direct, Plan and Improve
    • Role of GRC and Integration into Service Value System
    • Organizational Change Management


RM9,600.00(+RM576.00 Tax)
* Training Dates:

ITIL® is the world’s leading best practice framework for implementing IT Service Management. Organizations use ITIL to plan, implement, support and improve services and create value for their customers. In this course you will learn the Foundational knowledge and skills for adopting and adapting best practices for ITSM in your organization.

Additional Info

  • Certification Course & Certificate
  • Course Code ITIL4
  • Price RM3800
  • Exam Price Include
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Principals ITIL
  • Schedule

    13-15 Jan 2020

    20-22 Jan 2020 (Penang)

    17-19 Feb 2020

    9-11 Mar 2020

    16-18 Mar 2020 (Penang)

    13-15 Apr 2020

    13-15 May 2020 (Penang)

    18-20 May 2020

    8-10 Jun 2020

    13-15 Jul 2020

    20-22 Jul 2020

    10-12 Aug 2020

    2-4 Sep 2020 (Penang)

    21-23 Sep 2020

    12-14 Oct 2020

    9-11 Nov 2020

    16-18 Nov 2020 (Penang)

    7-9 Dec 2020

  • Audience

    This course is designed for anyone who would like a foundational understanding of IT Service Management, its key principles and practices, and how it will help you deliver better value to your customers. It is appropriate for all IT staff and management, as well as customers who work closely with IT to support business requirements.

    This course is also designed for students who are seeking the ITIL 4 Foundation certification and who want to prepare for ITIL 4 Foundation exam.

  • Prerequisities

    To ensure your success in this course, end-user level computer and networking skills are required. You can obtain this level of skills and knowledge by taking the following Logical Operations courses:
    • Using Microsoft® Windows® 10 or any similar introductory course

    Some level of work experience in IT service support or IT service delivery is highly recommended. You may wish to take any one or more courses from the Logical Operations “IT Systems and Support” curriculum library to supplement your professional experience in this area.

  • Module 1 Title ITIL 4 Overview
  • Module 1 Content

    Topic A: Structured Benefits
    Topic B: The Service Value System
    Topic C: Four Dimensions of Service Management

  • Module 2 Title Key Concepts of ITIL
  • Module 2 Content

    Topic A: What is Service Management?
    Topic B: Service Relationships
    Topic C: Creating Value


  • Module 3 Title The Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • Module 3 Content

    Topic A: A Holistic Approach to Value Delivery
    Topic B: Organizations and People
    Topic C: Informational Technology
    Topic D: Partners and Suppliers
    Topic E: Value Streams and Processes
    Topic F: External Factors

  • Module 4 Title The ITIL Service Value System (SVS)
  • Module 4 Content

    Topic A: Guiding Principles
    Topic B: Governance
    Topic C: Service Value Chain
    Topic D: Practices
    Topic E: Continual Improvement

  • Module 5 Title The ITIL Guiding Principles
  • Module 5 Content

    Topic A: Focus on Value
    Topic B: Start Where You Are
    Topic C: Progress Iteratively with Feedback
    Topic D: Collaborate and Promote Visibility
    Topic E: Think and Work Holistically
    Topic F: Keep It Simple and Practical
    Topic G: Optimize and Automate
    Topic H: Principle Interaction

  • Module 6 Title Governance
  • Module 6 Content

    Topic A: Governing Bodies
    Topic B: Governance Activities
    Topic C: The Role of Governance in the SVS

  • Module 7 Title The Service Value Chain
  • Module 7 Content

    Topic A: Plan
    Topic B: Improve
    Topic C: Engage
    Topic D: Design and Transition
    Topic E: Obtain and Build
    Topic F: Deliver and Support

  • Module 8 Title Continual Improvement
  • Module 8 Content

    Topic A: The Model, the Value Chain, and Practice
    Topic B: Continual Improvement Model
    Topic C: Continual Improvement and the Guiding Principles
    Topic D: Theory of Constraints

  • Module 9 Title Key ITIL Practices
  • Module 9 Content

    Topic A: Introduction to ITIL Practices
    Topic B: Continual Improvement
    Topic C: Service Level Management
    Topic D: Change Control
    Topic E: Incident Management
    Topic F: Service Request Management
    Topic G: Service Desk
    Topic H: Problem Management

  • Module 10 Title Other ITIL Practices
  • Module 10 Content

    Topic A: General Management Practices
    Topic B: Service Management Practices
    Topic C: Technical Management Practices

RM3,800.00(+RM228.00 Tax)
* Training Dates:

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