Friday, 04 November 2022 14:31

[Free Webinar] Microsoft Cybersecurity Solutions - Empower Your Microsoft Cloud Security

In today’s workplace where so many organizations have shifted to the cloud, security sometimes gets neglected. One of the reasons for this could be how complex and cumbersome security management can be, especially with large enterprises.

From a security admin perspective, it’s hard to make sure that correct permissions are granted to users for compliance and security. However, these challenges can be overcome, and effective and efficient security management can be achieved with Microsoft services, where more details will be revealed during the workshop. 

Key takeaways of this workshop:

✔️ Key pillars of security.
✔️ How Microsoft 365 helps protect identity and access.
✔️ How Microsoft 365 helps you protect against threats.
✔️ How Microsoft 365 helps you protect information.

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